Can't get fire on the new fireplace or your stove? Do not worry, we'll help you!

Today's fireplaces and stoves are not as they were in the old days, thus heating technique also different.


Use quality firewood - and plenty of it

Many are surprised by how much the recommended kindling. We therefore recommend about 2-3 kg finkløyvet by kindling. That's because the clean-burning stoves take longer to heat up the chimney so that the draft get started. Ample by also makes fire come faster in time and a more efficient combustion.

Build fire in the fireplace correctly

Use large logs on the bottom and a mixture of kindling and 2-3 firelighters on top. Start from behind and stack forward so that air can flow down the glass and into the wood. It is important that the wood is dry. Are you unsure if the wood is completely dry, you can merge them. If it sounds like a bat hitting a ball timber is ready for firing. Use firelighters to ensure fast enough ignition of kindling on top so as to avoid unnecessary smoke when lighting up.

Ignition on from the top

When teeth from the top, you get faster heating of the combustion chamber. It provides fast good moves in the stovepipe and chimney, and a good supply of oxygen is notoriously good to get your guy on fire. The flames on the top also makes to warm up the logs below. Logs under going to release gases that are also on the fire burning and maintained.

Ensure good access to air

Open all valves in the oven and make sure it comes enough air into the house where the fireplace stands so that the oven is getting enough air for combustion. Screw gladly of the hood and ventilation system, because these go air out of the house reduces the draft in the chimney. Put gladly door on the fireplace or stove ajar for up to five minutes until it burns well. Once the stove is hot (after about 15 minutes), you should adjust the valves. It is important not to close the dampers so much that the flames die out. Other useful tips and advice It is more environmentally friendly to burn wood with visible flames. That's because fire without flames doubles emissions of carbon monoxide and particulates.

Do not use newspapers, magazines and milk cartons to light it. They make a lot of ash and stealing oxygen, and that the ink is harmful to the environment.