When you are enjoying the atmosphere in front of a fireplace from Nordpeis, you can do it safe in the knowledge that our fireplaces and stoves meet the strictest requirements for clean combustion. Our products have a high output and utilize wood efficiently and optimally.

The requirement of clean-burning stoves has led to a drastic reduction in particles released into the environment.


Modern wood burning appliances are recommended by environmental agencies around the world in the interests of global and local pollution. Some municipalities even offer financial support to replace older wood stoves as the benefits are so great.


All our stoves and fireplaces have been approved by leading testing laboratories in Europe and are clean burning. This means that the stove has a double combustion system that converts the gases and particles in the smoke into heat.



The benefits of clean-burning appliances compared to non-clean burning appliances

  • 90% of the gases and particles in the smoke are turned into heat.
  • Minimal smoke emissions.
  • Clean burning with a low, constant power over time (on some models).
  • A significant reduction in wood consumption.
  • The risk of a chimney fire is substantially reduced.



The smoke coming out of the chimney illustrates the burning quality

  • Yellow-white or black smoke indicates that the combustion is not complete.
  • Almost invisible smoke means your fire is burning correctly.
  • A little gray-white smoke for a few minutes after each loading is normal. This is water in the wood evaporating.