Fireplaces from Nordpeis

When you are enjoying yourself in front of your Nordpeis fire, you can do it with a clean conscience. All our fireplaces and stoves are clean burning. This means that the fireplace has a dual combustion system that converts the gases and particles in the smoke into heat. Wood as fuel is, thanks to modern technology, an environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

A tree from the forest is ecologically very valuable, because it emerges again, and again and serves as the perfect repository for solar energy released during combustion in the form of heat. It is a very clean energy source. Wood-burning releases the same amount of CO2 as the very same wood has absorbed from the air during its life cycle, and the same amount CO2 would be released if the tree was left to decay in nature.

Nordpeis fireplaces meets the strictest requirements for clean combustion. The fireplaces have a high efficiency and utilize the firewood optimally. A clean burning stove / insert provides about 50% lower wood consumption than a non-clean-burning product (half the cost and significantly less work).

Clean glass

The combustion chamber is equipped with a number of vents at the front that allow the air to act as a buffer and ‘wash’ the glass, keeping it clean.

Soot on the glasses depends on factors such as:

  • size of the glass in the combustion chamber
  • draft in the chimney
  • quality of the wood (eg. how dry, sap levels)
  • primary vent closed early
  • air supply to the room


The soot on the thermal insulations plates in the combustion chamber is burned clean by normal, good usage. Our own specially developed insulation plates, Thermotte®, remains light and nice in the combustion chamber, even after long service.