Klassifisering av ildsted

Nordpeis Pisa can be placed both straight wall and corner and can be turned left or right. The fireplace has a practical and decorative wood compartment the base as standard and optional extra wood compartment on the side as an option. The fireplace has an angle insert that provides a stunning view from two sides. Select your insert in exclusive black or exclusive white with chrome frame.

Side Assembly:

The fireplace can be side mounted with or without vednisje.


The fireplace can be turned both right and left.

Integrated Firewall:

Integrated firewall makes installation easy.


Select insert with door in exclusive black or exclusive white with chrome. Insert selected with angle on the right or left.


The fireplace has integrated the wodniche that standard in the base, and the opportunity for a high wodniche on the side as an option.

  • Wood shelf
  • Floor clear glass 50cm DE/FI
  • Ash box
  • Black cold handle for Exclusive black
  • Chrome cold handle for Exclusive white
  • Air inlet set
  • Wall penetration for air inlet set