The smart outdoor fireplace

The simple, clean design. The smart features. Easy to position, easy to use as an outdoor fireplace, campfire pan and barbecue. We promise that Air from Nordpeis will see you spending more time outdoors!

The fireplace you can build on

Air creates both warmth and atmosphere outside. Put it in the garden or on your patio and let it become a centrepiece for beautiful gatherings and delicious culinary experiences.

Made from ShapeStone Light concrete. Dimensions 60x66x50 cm. Approx. weight 100 kg. Comes with cast iron combustion chamber and lid.

Made from ShapeStone Light concrete. Position it under the base for the tall version, or beside the base for the side table with a top leaf for the wood niche.

  • Handle made from black-coated galvanized steel. Attaches to the side of the base and can be used to elevate the base or attach it to the side table.
  • Kebony top leaf for the wood niche. Used if you want the wood niche beside the base.
  • Kebony shelf leaf for the wood niche.
  • Windbreak with steel grill.
  • Kebony side table – fitted to handles on the side of the base.
  • Stainless steel frying plate.
  • Finishes for the Air used to protect the concrete from the element and when not in use.
  • Grate for windbreak and grill rack Great for protection and storage when not in use.